We love music.  Many Technicians begin their careers engineering bands and entertainers on the live scene and we're proud to offer these skills as part of iAV.

From the most delicate acoustic chamber music to rock and roll, childrens choirs to full orchestras, we like to work with artists to make them comfortable and happy on stage so they can give their best for everyone 'out front'.


PA Hire - What can we do?

We have quality PA systems suitable for 100 - 2000 people and will bring exactly what is required for each job.  We use quality Shermann Audio PA systems and monitors, digital mixers and professional Shure and AKG microphones.

Please get in touch if you'd like some advice about what you might need for a live music event.  We love to talk to bands too so if you've got a gig and need a bigger PA for a big room, or just fancy turning up and playing without setting everything up then we can help.

A basic pub/club PA package including monitors, delivery, installation and a Sound Engineer starts at £249.  If you've got some particular requirements in mind, just let us know and we'll give you a cost.  


 Gigs - Parties - Dinners - Weddings - Outdoors - Acoustic PA - Orchestra PA - Cabaret - Multicultural Events




  • Experienced Engineers
  • Great sound from Professional Equipment
  • Your sound, the way you want it
  • No hidden costs
  • Quality, Service and Value

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