iAV supplies quality audiovisual solutions and packages for many types of events, from Conferences to Parties.  We offer simple packages that can be customised to suit, or something completely different if you require.   We love technical stuff but promise not to confuse you with techno-babble and just give straightforward answers and advice on what you might need.  If you'd just like some advice or to talk about AV please do call, even if we can't help we will probably know someone who can!  Our primary service area is South Wales and the West Country, though please get in touch if you are further afield and we can give you a cost to come to you, you'll probably find that our levels of service and value will still be very competitive. 

Some of our typical services:


Conferences / Staff Days / Training Days  -  CLICK FOR PACKAGES & PRICES

Our Conference packages have everything you need, including an experienced Technician to adjust the sound, advise and assist with Powerpoint or connecting your computer and be present throughout to ensure everything works smoothly.  Our £599 package comes with Projector, Computer, Remote 'clicker', Display Set, Screen, Lectern, PA system with 3 mics, Coloured Uplighters and a preview monitor.  Have a look at the packages page for more details and to see some of the options, such as different coloured sets or extra screens/microphones.  Also, we can come to you - if you have a large room at your workplace that can be used as a training or conference area we can bring a package to suit, and even all the chairs and tables if you require them! CLICK FOR PACKAGES & PRICES


Awards Ceremonies / Dinners / Parties  -  CLICK FOR PACKAGES & PRICES

Our packages aren't just for work, they're for fun too.  An Awards Ceremony at your Dinner Event or Party is an easy way to get things going and reward your team, or just have fun.  We can help with a  Powerpoint Template for a typical ceremony, and some flashing coloured lights, as well as a bit of thumping 'walk up' music for all the winners - all included.  Or maybe enhance your Dinner Event with a Video or Photo show - if it's a big room we can also feed live camera images to the screen so everyone can see what's going on at the front. If you'd like everyone to be able to hear the speeches, we can just provide a discreet, high quality PA system. 


Entertainment / Live Music  -  CLICK FOR MUSIC PA

We can also display Television or Webcasts on the screen if a suitable 'feed' is available (we can also install temporary aerials if not).  Ideal if you want to have a 'big match' party.  We are also specialists in Live Music PA systems, most of our technicians are musicians and understand how to make a band feel comfortable and provide a great sound for everyone.  From the most delicate Acoustic music through to Orchestras and full on Rock we can provide a system and Crew that everyone will be happy with.  If you are having a live music event and would like some advice on what might be required, please call for plenty of free advice!  



You can really bring your event, (especially a wedding!) to life with a Social Media Feed.  That's a boring name for an exciting way for all your guests to join in and feel part of the event.  They can Text, Tweet, Facebook, Email or Picture Message to our custom account and we will display the pictures / messages on a large screen in the room or a second screen near your main one in real time.  Get instant feedback on ideas or see pictures of your wedding or event from the people who were there, everyone gets to be included instead of just being 'alone with a phone'.  Our Technician can moderate the pictures and messages as much as you require before they go live. 


Specialist Services / Event Production

iAV staff all have a huge amount of experience in producing events and we can supply staging, room and roof draping, lighting or custom set designs.  Even if we don't do it, we will find out who does and put them in touch or organise it for you.  Getting things done is what we do! We can assist with your production as much as you require, we can organise furniture, display stands, design and produce graphics / signage and make sure everything is ready for when you are.  


Contact Us 

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